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Providing Quality training since 2016

Fellows Training have been delivering first-class training to a wide range of customers and clients since 2016.

We’re Dedicated to Delivering Outstanding Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

Who We Are

We’re an online and practical training provider based in Wolverhampton. We deliver first-class training to customers across the globe to help them further their professional skilks

What Do we believe in?

We believe in effective, accessible training that allows people to develop their skills and elevate their potential. We’re passionate about delivering quality learning and excellent customer service

Our Goals

Our aim is to allow people to invest in themselves by advancing their personal skills and expertise. We provide an easy and effective route that allows our customers to learn on their own terms and reach their aspirations

Complete Training Solutions

Our easily accessible online courses range from introductory level and mandatory training, right the way through to NVQ Level Qualifications. Build upon your current skills or learn something new!

Consistent Quality, Excellent Results

First-Class learning in-person and online

Our Learning Management System

Using the ONLY online learning system which cannot be cheated or manipulated, Fellows Training offer over 450 online learning courses that have been independently certified as conforming to the universally accepted CPD guidelines. We are also able to deliver and assess Regulated Qualifications, 100% online, without the need to attend a Classroom Based Invigilated Assessment

Practical Assessments

We work with Health and Social Care providers including Nursing Homes, Supported Living, Domiciliary Services, Learning and Physical Disabilities and Mental Health. Training is available throughout the UK and delivered at a venue of your choice. As an Approved Training Centre and members of the Association of Healthcare Trainers, we are committed to the AoHT code of ethics

Frequently asked question

Questions? Check out some of our FAQs below!

What kind of courses do you sell?

We sell a wide range of accessible online and in-person courses, ranging from introductory to NVQ Level qualifications, covering a variety of topics and professions.

How do I access online courses?

Our online courses are accessible through our effective Learning Management System. Here, you can view course materials and complete your assessments anytime, anywhere!

Where can I carry out my practical training?

We’re flexible with our practical training and can deliver courses at your premises or a local venue that suits you; such as a conference centre or meeting venue.

Do you hold any Accreditation?


Our online courses have all been independently certified as conforming to the universally accepted CPD guidelines. We are also recognised as an Accredited CPD Centre. In terms of our practical training, we’re a recognised Approved Training Centre and are members of the Association of Healthcare Trainers.

What does the assessment process look like?

Our online courses are all assessed through our Learning Management System which cannot be cheated or manipulated. We can also deliver assessed Regulated Qualifications 100% online. The assessment process will differ for each of our Practical Training Courses, so contact us to find out more.